Jeremy, Nice shots...and yes, you can quit your day of the picture of the Golden Gate Bridge looks like the painting I have over my work desk. My wife painted it and it is one of my favorite.
I also like the way you shoot the wedding rings...thanks for sharing some of your photographs, I did recognize many of the local locations...
Jeff V(non-registered)
Awesome photos.
Coti Benitez(non-registered)
Ever since I discovered you from KNVNs weather page I have been a fan I really enjoy your photographs. Thanx for sharing your passion with the world.
Sue Treuel(non-registered)
Your photography is simply breathtaking! I love seeing each new picture you post! Best wishes! Sue
Karen Bedsaul(non-registered)
It has been a joy to watch your craft progress. You are a very talented photographer and I enjoy seeing the world through the lens of your camera. Even though I love your fine art prints, I especially enjoy your people shots! You capture special events in the lives of your subjects in such a way that their emotions and thoughts come through each photograph. I LOVE that about your photography!
Jeremy did our engagement photo shoot, and he is also shooting out wedding in March. He is truly amazing. Not only does he have an eye for beautiful shots, he is fun and so comfortable to work with. He truly makes you feel like your photo shoot is your time to shine. Thank you again Jeremy and I can't wait to see what you do with our wedding photos.
McFadden Studios(non-registered)
We had the immense pleasure of having Jeremy along as a third shooter at one of our weddings in May. He is simply AMAZING. Any bride would be lucky to have him. We highly recommend him to anyone looking for timeless wedding photography. He will capture moments that no one else can! Thanks again Jeremy, you really are awesome. <3
Cheryl Norlin(non-registered)
Lovely website and showcase for your work! Continued success to you.
Joyce Velasco(non-registered)
Congratulations on your professional looking web-site. I always enjoy seeing your work. It shows you have a genuine passion for photography. I especially like the nature scenery. Since there is so much to see, I will be visiting often.
Debbie Edsall(non-registered)
Jeremy what you have done with Josh and Ashley's wedding pictures is amazing. Thank you for helping keep the memories alive..
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